Me Fly Chicago, Surprise Birthday

Okay, so, my last blog post lied a little. I said my next CODA visit was going to be June 1st, buuuuuuut that’s because I had to keep my May 12th visit a secret!

I got to fly to Chicago to surprise a long-time CODA friend that I met at KODAWest camp! His mom and his brother and I arranged the tickets, reservations, plans, and cake order. We were very stealthy considering he had NO IDEA! He was so shocked and had no clue how I was all of the sudden in Chicago!

IMG_2287 IMG_6063 IMG_6061

I was supposed to arrive in Chicago at 10:30am and leave the next day at 7:30pm, but United Airlines royally screwed up my flight and took practically half of what little time I had with the Neumanns away from me (I definitely filed a complaint and got that ranting out of my system, so no need to elaborate here). I ended up arriving around 5:30pm instead, and we picked him up at an improv class at Second City before going to dinner at Park and Field.


We had some pretty amazing food including buffalo chicken nuggets, quinoa sliders, chick pea salad, and bruschetta. We also had an amazing chocolate cake with double fudge frosting (my mouth is watering). We ended up grabbing some boba tea later, where we were fashion icons (him in striped PJ pants & Santa sweater, me in a 3xL shirt & borrowed Adidas sweatpants), and catching up until 3am. Man, we can carry on a conversation like our parents 😉 #DST (Deaf Standard Time).

IMG_6059 2




The next day, we had an amazing breakfast; Austin’s mom made a casserole and served fruit and coffee (Wow, she’s a star. It was supposed to be a relaxing Mother’s Day, but she totally ignored the holiday and made breakfast anyway). Then we went furniture shopping where I found THE most comfortable couch to take a nap on, and then Austin’s dad made BBQ chicken breasts and an Asian salad (YUM-O). It was so nice eating a home cooked meal after finals week, moving, and traveling. Then we headed to Cozy Feet Spa (10/10 recommend if you’re anywhere close to Mundelein, IL) for an hour-long massage (much needed).

This time, when I left, it was the first time I did not cry leaving. I was refreshed and filled with hope and joy, knowing I would see my CODA family so soon. I think I’m going to have to buy a CODA island so I can see CODAS year-round…. hm..

And yes, that CODA love runs deep, because I have spent close to $2,000 just on airfare to visit these dear friends of mine (I say “just,” but it’s actually a really big deal) this year, so don’t you think I won’t go into debt buying an island for these people. Not to mention, I am literally going to see Austin and Grace June 18, but I just couldn’t wait that long, so I scheduled two trips on May 12 and June 1. Eeeeeeek! I am extremely blessed to even have such a wonderful identity as a CODA and to share it with such phenomenal people.

I love being a CODA and letting that identity take me all over the world.

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